Vintage Italian Jg Archtop Guitar

Vintage 1930s Epihone Royal Masterbilt Archtop Acoustic Guitar Very Rare
Vintage 1930s Epihone Royal Masterbilt Archtop Acoustic Guitar Very Rare
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Vintage Italian made JG Archtop Guitar

An absolutely beautiful guitar and in excellent condition, this Italian made archtop comes under the name JG. This little known brand was built during the 1960's alongside such other sub-companies of guitar makers as Zerosette, Goya, Contessa, and Sano in the famous accordion and instrument manufacturing house of Castelfidaro, Italy. It is a speculation of the seller that perhaps the "JG" brand corresponds with the famed accordion making family of Julio Giulietti, as the emblem plate on Giulietti accordions bear the same stylized JG marking.

The model featured here is presumably the A2AS and is marked on the neck bolt plate with the serial #N4104. It is an archtop hollow body guitar, with one single coil pick-up in the neck position and corresponding volume and tone control knobs. It has its original closed back tuning machines with hard plastic buttons, fixed chrome tailpiece and floating adjustable bridge system. It is constructed of laminated hardwood with rosewood fingerboard, with finished F sound holes. The unique sunset burst finish is among the most rare of these kinds.

Cosmetically, this guitar is 9/10. There is a faint but noticeable surface crack in the finish of the top, near the bass side of the pick up. Also, there is a 1/2 inch dent in the finished neck where it is exposed down the the base wood (see picture for detail). The instrument has been professionally serviced prior to listing, the service included the following jobs: Re-stringing with flat wound strings, frets dressed, neck angle adjusted for 5/64th mm. height at the 12th, corrected intonation of floating bridge system, checked function and cleaned electronic components. This JG is ready to play out of the box.

The sound produced is reminiscent of Gibson hollow body model ES125; A very full and characteristic sound perfect for jazz. Playing is a joy as the radiated neck, and cut away body provide ease of maneuver across strings and up the neck. As an anecdote, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix played a paisley print Goya Rangemaster, thereby securing these Italian masterpieces as historically fantastic sounding guitars.

I would personally like to thank for their outstanding information on vintage Italian made guitars, and thank all of their readers for viewing my auction.

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 81252305290641211 Vintage Italian Jg Archtop Guitar

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