Hoyer Vintage German Archtop

Vintage 1965 Gibson ES 120 T Arch Top Electric Guitar w Original Soft Case
Vintage 1965 Gibson ES 120 T Arch Top Electric Guitar w Original Soft Case
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OK, here goes. The instrument is circa 1960 and probably the top end of the guitars made by Rod Hoyer. Can't remember where I saw it online but you should research it. Match the front of the headstock exactly to what you might find online is the key because the lower end instruments are much plainer.There is lacquer checking/crazing on the front and back noticeable if you turn it at an angle in good light. It looks fine, but it is there and you can feel it if you run your hand over it. If you know the German archtops it's very common for some reason. However, it's not checking as if there are weird cracks or anything, it's just how these older instruments age. There is a slight area at the lower bottom of the front below the "orignal Rod Hoyer" guitar sticker that looks as if there was some abrasion once that was repaired and finished over with a farily good match, but not perfect. There is also an interesting horizontal marking in the wood you may see to the left of the left "f" hole that extends from the bottom part of the "f" hole to the edge, about an inch and a half that seems to be natural to the wood.  The neck is very comfortable with a somewhat flat feel to the back. This guitar has had a lot of care. Interesting to this guitar that the guitar neck can be adjusted by a small allen head bolt recessed a bit into the back of the joint to the body of the instrument but I haven't played around with it. There is no truss rod. Recent set-up, adjustment of bridge and strings. Frankly, it's a stunning instrument, but of course everything is subjective. There are no cracks or damage I can see but for two very slight dings very shallow and less than eraser sized on the side, one quarter inch scratch on the back near the binding and one very small fill on top of neck near twelfth fret that was fixed (almost eraser head sized and slightly different color, like a small mole as it were. It's symetrically round). The action is very good (at the twelfth fret if you place a penny between the fretboard and strings it comes to the top of Lincoln's head, no, not the long way!), maybe not perfect but quite good and for the intonation too. 
Soundwise, I'd say this sounds uncannily Django-like if you know what I mean. Frankly it's not super mellow, more punchy and crisp (think Django). Has a lot of natural projection (just acoustically without amplification).  I'm saying this to be clear about how it sounds rather than the usual terminology of "richness" or whatever that people tend to like to say. Amplification works and has upgraded electronics, but don't know how much the sound would change as I haven't played it through a good quality amp. It will probably still sound more crisp and clear is my guess. By the way, the 3 circular rings above the tailpiece are actually rubber grommets that can be removed. Also, I don't think the wood for front and back are solid, I believe they are laminated looking at the inside. 
If the bidding goes $100 over my reserve price, I'll include a nice hard shell case for it. 
PLEASE READ the listing closely and ask any questions in advance of your winning bid. 
 I'll only accept PayPal, only ship to lower US 48 states, only ship to a verifiable address and phone number, and only accept bids from buyers with at least 15 buys of 100% over many months. Thank you for understanding. 

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It's come to my attention this is probably the Jazzstar model (I had thought it was)  and that the top is likely solid and that it would be a rare exception if it were not. I can't verify with absolute certainty on that point. It is one of the higher end instruments he crafted.

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